Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Hey guys! Long time no post, eh? If you're still subscribed to this feed then I'm sure you're pleasantly surprised to see this blog being updated. Well, I have some news for you all! I have a new site and a new podcast! Having been of no more use to Lusipurr.com, myself and a few other friendly geeks have come together in a melting pot of geekdom to form what could only be described as the Voltron of geeky websites, combining Anime, Video Games, Comics, Tv and Movies into one site that is sure to have something for the geek in all of us. So I hope you'll follow me over to www.ThereBeGeeks.com and check out the exciting new podcast and all the content that we have to offer! The site just opened and we'd love to see some early comments! Not only will I be writing about Japanese RPGs and other video games that I enjoy, I will also delve into the world of anime and manga, and a little bit of American Cartoons too, for good measure. Look forward to my up coming posts and thanks for sticking with me and staying subscribed to RPG Lamer over the years!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

You probably all saw this coming, but after months of no updates, I must finally announce that RPG Lamer is no more...Sorry about all the promises of a return and not delivering, but I just haven't been into RPGs as much as I used to be. This is partly due to the lack of RPGs of interest to me, and partly not having enough time to devote to such a genre. Back when I started RPG Lamer there was lots of exciting RPG news, and I was readying to be the first Podcast to cover the subject, then RPG Cast came along and overshadowed this... Now there are several RPG-based podcasts and of course there are other sites to go to for the news.

So that's the bad news... RPG Lamer is gone... It was fun while it lasted, and I wanna thank all the podcasters (Kent) who stilled played my promo and asked for more podcasts from me. I really appreciated that and I wish I could have done more with the Podcast, but again the drive just isn't in me anymore...

So what's the good news you might ask? Well, I was hired on as webmaster at Lusipurr.com a while back, and have since been making regular appearances on their podcast "Megaphones Ahoy!", so if you're dying to hear my voice, or want to promote something that I'm a part of, then please check out Lusipurr.com and listen to the podcast. Lastly, I do have some other plans in the works but I'm not yet ready to announce anything just yet, but when I'm ready to spill the beans I'll make sure to let you all know either on here, or on the twitterz!

Anyways, thanks again for your support, and I hope you'll stick with me over at Lusipurr.com and in my future ventures!

I'll see you around!

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Hey folks, it's been awhile, eh? This is just a heads up, as I know a lot of you probably don't follow my every move on the internet(twitter, up a paddle comments, etc), that RPG Lamer The Podcast will be making a return! I've got everything planned, and if all goes according to that plan, new episodes should start appearing in your RSS reader/iTunes in late April or May-ish.

It was crazy of me to think I could beat an RPG, write a review, record the review, and then edit together a podcast every week, and it's even crazier that; for awhile, I was doing just that.

RPGs take a hell of a lot of time, and so does editing together a podcast. So things are going to change, and that's mostly why it's going to take me about a month to get the ball rolling again...
For you see, I've decided to start banking reviews. I've already banked 2, and I plan to bank at least 2 more before May. What that means is; that I'll hopefully be able to get new RPG Lamer the Podcast episodes out to you a whole lot quicker, and on a more regular basis, so this change is for the good.

This plan will also make it a hell of a lot easier on me, as I'll already have the hard part done. I'll basically just have to record the release dates, a bit of news, and then edit in a banked review. So it's a win win for everyone. You(Kent) get more episodes sooner, and I don't have to be some sort of RP Gamer god, pumping out a new review every week or so.

So Yes, that's the announcement for ya. Look forward to the come back folks!

Until then, Follow me on Twitter: twitter.com/rootbeerking where I comment on RPGs I'm playing, anime I'm watching, manga I'm reading, and all sorts of other things, like video game news, or, on occasion, what I'm cooking, it's good times really, it is!

And if Twitter isn't your thing, and you just want to get together and game with me: feel free to add TheRootBeerKing on PS3, and RootBeerKing on steam(Left 4 Dead 2 anyone?).

And with that, see you in May~!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

It's not a new episode, but at least you get to hear my voice, saying new things, once again!

Download RPG Lamer The Podcast Promo 3

In keeping with the times I've made this new promo to reflect the way the podcast has headed! Please everyone give it a listen, and fellow podcasters do play it on your shows! Who knows, maybe if more people hear this, listen to the show, and then complain to me about the lack of new episodes, I'll feel more motivated to put together the long awaited episode 7! Seriously, what little listeners I have, I need feedback! MOTIVATE ME DARN IT!

Oh also, I made album art! It's not much but it's better than nothing!

Saturday, October 31, 2009

In keeping with the Ar Tonelico Tradition, Ar Tonelico 3 will feature yet another new battle system!

Those of you who have played Ar Tonelico 1 & 2 might remember the change in gameplay between the two games, mainly the battle system(and the lack of a jump button). In the first game the battle system used was very much your traditional turn based fair.

The Second game in the series while still turn based switched went a little further from traditional, using more of a Valkyria Profile type attack system, with a really neat timing based guard system for protecting your Reyvateils.

Well now in Ar Tonelico 3 they've gone even further, past traditional turn based battles, and more into the action realm, featuring a battle system more closely related to a Tales of game. In the clip below you can see what I mean by this:

Well I'm a little sad to see the battle system from Ar Tonelico 2 won't be making a come back, it's refreshing to see an RPG Series that keeps changing up it's battle system with every new release...Though it makes me wonder what's next? Ar Tonelico 4 with Tactical RPG battles!?

All joking aside the change to a more Tales of battle system seems like a good one to me! The Reyvateil's skill targeting system looks pretty awesome as well.

Apart from the change from Turn Based to Action battles, Ar Tonelico 3 will feature dynamic music changing during battle, and what I can only describe as a "strip feature", where the Reyvateil will lose more clothing, as they use powerful attacks. Or as Producer Kawachi Atsunori so beautifully put it "By showing more skin, they are able to absorb more of the planet’s energy", thus “The world can only be saved because the heroines took off their clothes!"(Did I mention Ar Tonelico is famous for it's sexual innuendos?)

Of course all the other staples of Ar Tonelico are there, like the Dive system, and there's a few other little bits of info out there but it's a little vague(stuff about Reyvateils having multiple personalizes or some such thing like that.), so I'll forgo writing about them for now.

The game is said to be about 80% complete, and is on track to be released on the 28th of January 2010 in Japan.